International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has been observed for over a hundred years. On March 8, R/V Sally Ride had a science party of eighteen, eleven of whom were female. Professors, engineers, technicians, undergrad and graduate students, and even high school students come to do their research on the ship. 

Click to learn more about female chief scientists and to watch videos about their science onboard R/V Sally Ride.

Astronaut Sally Ride’s legacy inspires us.

And it’s not just the science party, the ship’s crew has women in both the deck and engineering departments. Click for an introduction to second engineer Sue and ordinary seaman Elysia.

Not to mention the ship’s namesake. Dr. Sally Ride was America’s first woman in space, shattering the ultimate glass ceiling. Part of NASA’s first group of female astronauts, she went on the Space Shuttle Challenger twice in her career. After retirement, she co-founded Sally Ride Science, an organization that continues to encourage young women to pursue their interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. 

The Navy naming Scripps’ newest research vessel after this strong female role model challenges us to live up to her legacy. R/V Sally Ride will continue to explore the Pacific Ocean, welcoming all scientists and inspiring the next generation of girls to pursue their dreams.