R/V = research vessel


galley = kitchen

mess = dining room

scullery = dish-washing area

stateroom = bedroom

bunk or rack = bed, often a bunkbed

house, hotel = the part of the ship that is multiple stories and contains the staterooms

fantail = outside area at the rear of the ship

wheelhouse, pilot house, bridge = where the ship is driven, usually on the highest deck

head = bathroom, water closet


aft = rear

fore = front

starboard = right

port = left


nautical mile = 1/60 of one degree latitude, ~1.2 miles

knot (speed) = one nautical mile per hour, ~1.15 miles per hour

fathom (depth) = six feet, 1.83 meters


porthole = window

line = rope

ladder = stairway

deck = floor on outside parts of the ship

sail = not literal (there are no sails aboard the Sally Ride), just means to go out to sea

research cruise = work, not a vacation!


Please let me know if you have any other terms you want me to clarify!