Recovery of a Boat Adrift

R/V Sally Ride is currently home to the scientists from CalCOFI’s teams from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and NOAA. It’s their fourth time aboard, and CTD casts, net tows, and marine mammal observations are underway as usual. Today, however, was far from a normal day. Science operations were briefly paused in order to allow the ship’s crew to recover a boat that had been adrift for a week. 

Crew members brought the boat Anne aboard, and will return it
to San Diego. Photo by Second Mate Randy Christian.

Second mate Randy Christian reports, “Last week these trans-ocean rowers had to abandon their boat. They got picked up by a passing container ship, so the boat was left adrift. A sailboat that was following the rowing race… towed the Anne to us. They rendezvoused with us at one of our western stations, and were very grateful for our assistance. I don’t think the owners expected to see it again, so they’re very happy to be able to recover this vessel they’ve obviously put a great deal of time, money, and hard work into.” 

Read the statement about the abandoning of the boat here.

Chief Scientist Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast says, “We had been following the progress of the abandoned ship since we found out it was in the area. So when the support ship offered to tow it directly to us at our scheduled work station, I gladly agreed to take time out of our operations for the recovery.” The crew worked together to bring the boat aboard, and it is now lashed to a laboratory container van on the back deck.

“The deck crew rigged a cargo net with a couple 2×6’s into a bridle, and hoisted it aboard with the A-frame, just like we do with buoys and other oceanographic equipment. We then used the crane and slings to move it into position to secure it on deck,” says Randy.

The Anne will ride along as the CalCOFI team finishes its summer cruise aboard R/V Sally Ride, and then return to San Diego.

Cover photo: copyright Ellen Hoke. Reporting and pictures thanks to Second Mate Randy Christian. Apologies for the low resolution, internet bandwidth from ship to shore is limited.