Geology of the Ocean Floor

R/V Sally Ride is doing work out of her first foreign port – Manzanillo, Mexico. The ship arrived after a recent cruise and stayed for a well-deserved few days of rest and relaxation for the crew, as well as resupplying food, and fuel. A new science party came aboard, and the ship headed off again for a month-long trip that took it to its furthest point south (so far), almost all the way to the equator!

Below are some photos from the cruise.  Definitely check out the many blog posts from the science party for more. They have a great website with information about their science goals while aboard R/V Sally Ride. It also includes many posts about life and work aboard the ship, including their operations, samples of rock from the seafloor, visiting whales and birds, shrinking cups, getting to know the crew, and lots more.