Studying the Thomas Fire From Sea

The attention garnered to the team of graduate students who sailed on R/V Sally Ride in December has been well above normal. That is what happens when a research project happens to time up with a natural environmental event. In this case, a long-planned cruise into the coastal waters of Santa Barbara, led by UCSB students, took place during the Thomas Fire, California’s largest in modern history.

Below are links to many of the articles that have been written about the cruise – before, during, and after. 

Header photo is an image from scientist Ellie Arrington from the ship’s small boat, used to collect surface samples of wildfire ash. 

The Santa Barbara Independent wrote about the benefit of using R/V Sally Ride in this study. 

The Orange County Register article includes information about how wildfires could change ocean environments.

Hakai Magazine article with early results from the cruise. 

News Deeply interviewed Co-Chief Scientist Kelsey Bisson about the cruise. 

Facebook Live video from San Diego’s Union Tribune about the cruise’s mission. 

A Popular Science article about how the effects of the wildfire would be studied.

An article from Scripps Institution of Oceanography about the cruise’s objectives. 

UC Santa Barbara put out a press release on Eurekalert. 

A previous blog post with more details about the cruise.