The R/V Sally Ride can be out at sea for up to 40 days, so it has to be loaded with food and supplies to last the entire journey. Called ship’s stores, fresh food and other provisions are ordered in each port. The delivery is often announced over the loudspeaker and all hands are instructed to come help with the transfer. I prefer to be down at the lowest level with the cook because: a) people in that chain call out what’s in each box so the cooks can store them appropriately, which gives you insider info about the menus, b) it’s nice and cool below deck, even more so in the fridge or freezer, and 3) the cook is always a good person to be friends with.

Below is a time-lapse I put together of two weeks of food being delivered to the Sally Ride.

Since The Ride is still in port, we’ll do this all over again in about two weeks in order to replenish our fresh fruit and vegetables. The freezer is definitely stocked for longer. Mark Smith (R/V Sally Ride’s senior cook and a longtime SIO employee) told me that this delivery included seven cases of sliced turkey, instead of just the seven packages he ordered. And, perhaps predictably, today at lunch I was able to add turkey to my salad along with all the other delicious fixings.


Apparently this is 2 weeks supply of white cake and frosting.
I did not see any chocolate…


A beautiful sight, fresh fruit and veggies!